Record-breaking summer numbers for Sheraton Hotel and Myrtle Beach Convention Center

Myrtle Beach Convention Center | Source: WMBF News
Myrtle Beach Convention Center | Source: WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As the busy season winds down in Myrtle Beach, those in charge of bringing people to town are getting an idea of whether the summer is stacking up to be a success or flop.

Record numbers are being recorded at the Sheraton Hotel and Myrtle Beach Convention Center over the summer. And that's creating a positive domino effect across the hotel industry in Myrtle Beach.

"July was a record-breaking month for us, we had good growth over the previous year," said Suzanne Hinde, General Manager for the Sheraton Convention Center Myrtle Beach Hotel.

"And not only that, not just us, the entire market did. I want to say the three-month trend right now the market, as well as us, are up 12.1 percent over the previous year. So that's pretty strong."

The numbers for the hotel and the convention center keep getting better. And they reflect how successful the summer has been for Myrtle Beach. People come for events at the convention center and everyone reaps the benefits. "We bring groups in that use the facility but then they also use different hotels, they use restaurants, they shop," Hinde continued. "So, the more that the facility is full, the better off everybody is."

One of the reasons the month of July in particular was so huge - dance competitions.

The July event calendar for the convention center was stacked this year. That equals big business because their families tag along to capitalize on a vacation opportunity.

Organizers are already booking the same events for next year, the entire month of July 2015 is booked with dance groups again.

"They fill… not only us, they fill other hotels," Hinde commented. "And they're weekday pieces of business, so it is a strong market. They've had record attendance each of the dance groups this summer. So it was good to see."

In July, there were about 75,000 people that walked through the convention center doors.

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