Battle over Murrells Inlet fireworks heads to court

Murrells Inlet, SC (WMBF) - Since last year, Gary Weinreich has been fighting to get rid of the Monday night fireworks in Murrells Inlet.

"This year, it's the same as last," said Wienreich. "We thought it was gonna be taken care of and it wasn't." 

He wasn't able to win the fight over the debris left behind by the fireworks.

He wasn't able to win the fight over the potential harm fireworks can cause to the environment.

But right now, he is winning the fight over the noise.

"The noise levels from fireworks are far above the guidance that it's no question in our mind it's a clear violation," explained Weinreich.

Weinreich, and a few other people, have called in noise complaints during two of the last three shows.

Because of those calls, sheriff's deputies issued $500 fines to each employee that shot off the fireworks.

Those men are disputing the tickets. They say they have all the correct permits to shoot the fireworks, and they are simply trying to make extra money.

Their lawyer, Scott Joye, would not give WMBF News permission to speak with them because of the legal battle, but he did give us this statement.

"This sets an ugly precedent and opens up anyone in Georgetown County for prosecution for setting off fireworks anywhere if there are complaints about it," Joye said in the statement.

Weinreich, on the other hand, is worried about a different precedent being set.

"If it works on Monday nights, maybe Tuesday night, Wednesday, maybe they do it elsewhere," said Weinreich. "Maybe other businesses in Murrells Inlet say, 'Hey, we can draw business, I mean, where does something like that go?"

Ultimately, Weinreich wants the fireworks to be over. He says there are much better ways for the restaurants to generate business that complies with the law and respects the locals and the environment.

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