Horry County continues to plan for gun range

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The county could be one step closer to getting a gun range, and the demand is high, from not only the public, but also local law enforcement.

The committee is zeroing in on a gun range location. The most popular site at this stage of planning is the solid waste authority tract off Highway 90.

The public safety committee went through the agenda quickly Monday, but one topic that took up a good chunk of time was the possibility of the county getting a gun range.

County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier said there are still details that need to be worked out.

The number one thing: the site. She says right now, they are narrowing in on the solid waste authority.

She says it's been a popular choice because there are no residential areas around the site.

Bourcier explains there is more information the committee needs to get together before any plans are brought to county council.

"Get some numbers together for how much it will cost to run this facility...there was mention today about possibly having a few for people to pay for the service so that would also help to assist the budget for that particular location," she said.

Bourcier says county still has to decide if they want to get into the gun range business, but admits there is a lot of popularity within law enforcement.

If they do decide to go with it, they will have to decide which days would be just for law enforcement use and which days would be public.

Also on the agenda was an update to the surveillance camera system at county boat landings. Horry County could be about thirty days away from a functioning camera system at the boat landings.

The county expects it will soon have cameras operating at the boat landings, according to Public Safety Director Paul Whitten.

All they need now is help from the City of Conway to get the cameras video signals to the county's main data center.

The city is supposed to get back to the committee with an answer within the next 5 days.

Whitten says the chances are good the city will say yes because the city is also moving to put in a similar camera system along the river.

He says this way they would have a partnership with the city of Conway.

An ordinance is also in the works for boat landings to control hunting, swimming, fireworks, and all other activity at boat landings.

There are still some questions about how these rules would be enforced, so a vote by the county is not expected any time soon.

Also on the agenda was Mustang Week.

This year, accidents caught on cell phone cameras made headlines, but the event organizer could not make today's meeting, so that discussion has been pushed back to next month.

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