New Walmart going up in Florence

The site of the future Neighborhood Walmart in Florence. | Source: WMBF News
The site of the future Neighborhood Walmart in Florence. | Source: WMBF News

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Some small business owners say they're excited that more traffic will be flowing along 2nd Loop Road, but homeowners in the area feel the traffic will threaten the safety of their children.

When Tosha Head is in her backyard, she will soon be looking at a new Walmart Neighborhood Market.

The building is going in at 2nd Loop Road and South Cashua Drive.

"I think it's going to have its good advantages, and I think it's going to have its disadvantage," Head said.

Head, who has lived on Westminster Drive for 18 years, said she's glad she will only have to jump the fence to pick up groceries.

"The disadvantage is going to be all the speeders that come up and down this road," Head said.

Head says that the construction taking place on 2nd Loop Road has already caused drivers to take her street as a detour to avoid all the construction.

"We have a bunch of kids on this road who ride up and down this road together on their bicycles; people fly by them and don't pay them attention," Head said.

A spokesperson for Walmart says the Neighborhood Market will employ 95 people.

The store will focus mainly on groceries, but will include a gas station and a drive-thru pharmacy.

"It's going to help stimulate businesses and a lot more tax revenue employment and more business, so it's a good thing," Small Business Owner Bruce McCaskill said.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market is slated to be up and running come early next year.

Hiring for some of the new store will begin this fall.

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