3 restaurants get perfect or near-perfect scores on Restaurant Scorecard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - While some restaurants are getting high praises from the Department of Health and Environmental Control, a few others have some improvements to make.

The first restaurant up for review scored 80 out of 100 points, a "B" rating.

When inspectors walked through Duffy Street in Myrtle Beach, they noted quite a few things, most were corrected during the inspection, like pies not being covered in the walk in freezer.

Some things that weren't fixed: the dishwasher was not sanitizing, and the crock pot was dirty under its insert. They received 80 points, a "B" rating.

Now onto a popular burger joint in Myrtle Beach, Ron Jon's Beer and Burgers. Here, inspectors found some consecutive violations: two were a dirty ice machine with mildew or mold inside, and a chemical spray bottle was stored on a prep table. Inspectors also notes bulk containers that were not labeled. Ron Jon's got a "B" with 84 points.

And now on to Nagano Grill in Myrtle Beach. Things noted here: improper thawing of chicken, mold in ice chute on ice machine, and there were onions stored on the floor. Nagano grill was given a "B" rating with 82 points.

Now on to the restaurants receiving high "A"s...one of them a perfect score.

Moe's Southwest Grill in Myrtle Beach was just one point shy of 100. The restaurant lost one point because chemical bottles were stored with gloves and clean food containers.

Cozmic Charley'z in Murrells Inlet got the same score. They lost one point for a consecutive violation: cold holding units did not have thermometers again.

Of course, we saved the best score for last. Bagel Port Cafe and Deli in Myrtle Beach earned a full 100 points from DHEC inspectors.  Three violations were noted, but everything was fixed.

View each full DHEC Inspection report in PDF format below:

Ron Jon's:


Nagano Grill:

Moe's Southwest Gill:


Duffy Street:


Cozmic Charley'z:


Bagel Port Cafe:

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