Fans, players brave the heat to watch high school football

Conway, SC (WMBF) - Conway High School head athletic trainer Dr. Jim Berry has been working all week to make sure his players are prepared for tonight's extreme heat. He says making players drink extra fluids, all week, is just the start.

"We just really plug that into our kids, all the time, about how important it is to monitor how much they are drinking," said Berry.

The trainers will also work with officials to hold several mandatory water breaks in the game.  While the players will be scrutinized and analyzed all game, the fans won't be.

"They just need to make sure they're drinking lots of fluid before they come out."

While staying hydrated in the stands may seem simple, it's often overlooked. Berry says the PA announcer will even make announcements throughout the game to make sure fans are drinking fluids and staying hydrated. 

"Heat illness, heat death, it's a totally preventable thing," explained Berry.   

On top of drinking a lot of fluids, there are many other things to help prevent any heat illness.   A full night's sleep and healthy diet are very important for surviving the heat.

Experts also suggest you ease yourself into the heat and wear weather appropriate clothing.

"You want as little amount of clothing on you as absolutely possible," said Berry.   

He also says it's also really important for fans to know their limits.  If you are feeling ill or having a problem with the heat, they should seek help immediately.

"They just need to be smart about it, and we're going to help remind them about that and hopefully we won't have any problems." 

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