Consider This: Finding Justice for all Families

There is a lot of attention focused on Ferguson, Missouri and the death of an unarmed young man. What happened and what caused that officer to fire those deadly shots will come out as the investigation continues. In Summerville, however, there is no national attention, no political activists, just three families who also want justice. Justice because their sons, daughter, brothers, sister, friends were gunned down in Myrtle Beach Memorial Day weekend.

Consider This:

Across the country there are hundreds of young people killed every week. In many cities it is an epidemic. But where are the activists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and their cronies? I guess the spotlight isn't bright enough, the media attention not big enough and the potential contributions not great enough. Instead the murders continue, especially young black men. Their lives tragically snuffed out. But their lives are no less important than a young man shot and killed by a police officer.

So while the spotlight shines on Ferguson many other families are deal with their own loss with no spotlight, no national help finding the person or persons who murdered their children. If only the political activists would redirect some of their energy and support to also speak out against the killings that happen every day across the country. Maybe then they would actually start to make a difference… and become actual leaders.

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