Atlantic Beach locks in more law enforcement

Atlantic Beach, SC (WMBF)- The Atlantic Beach Town Council announced a mutual aid agreement with Andrews and signed with a security service while bringing on a new Interim Police Chief.

Tim Taylor was named the new Interim Police Chief of Atlantic Beach. In addition to Taylor, Atlantic Beach has hired another part-time officer.

Some citizens met Taylor at the council meeting but were surprised with his hiring.

"The council makes no formal announcement to say welcome or say to the community this is who we've hired," explained Carolyn Cole.

Cole is a both a former councilwoman and former Town Manager of Atlantic Beach.

The town's department will now have four officers, but the council has also made a deal with Andrews. The agreement allows officers to be shifted from Andrews to Atlantic Beach if the situation calls for it.

Town Manager William Booker explained most of these instances are planned and in their contract.

Booker said the officers would be shifted for "some planned activity, unless it's some emergency or unforeseen hazardous situation that needs to be addressed. Otherwise it could be for investigations, special police operations..things such as that."

Booker said as of two weeks ago, the town has contracted an outside security agency called Coastal Protective Services.

Coastal Protective Service officers were on scene at last Wednesday's shooting in Atlantic Beach, but Booker explained while Atlantic Beach officers were no where to be found, the security officers do not replace them.

He said it was a coincidence the security officers were on scene, and they have been hired to patrol the streets and communicate with the community.

Booker explained the town does have 24/7 police patrols and when their police officers are off duty, Horry County takes over.

He hopes with the hiring of the two new officers they will be able to take over more of the 24/7 shift, but for now, Coastal Protective Services will be helping out.

We asked how much they were getting paid, but Booker could not give those numbers.

As for the new Interim Police Chief, Tim Taylor, Booker said he has high expectations for the new position.

"I want to make a difference here, show the public we are here for them and show them they are getting the proper service they need from the police department," Booker said.

The other officer is due to start in September.

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