Police expand search to Summerville for Memorial Day shooting suspect

SUMMERVILE, SC (WMBF) - New details emerged surrounding the deadly Memorial Day weekend shooting outside the Bermuda Sands that killed three people. Those three victims were from Summerville, where police are now expanding their search.

A reward, enhanced video, a plea to the public for help; police are stopping at nothing to catch the gunman responsible for the deadly shooting.

Information recently received by the Myrtle Beach Police Violent Crimes Division led law enforcement to believe people in Summerville have information that could help track down the shooting suspect.

However, a detective leading the case said there is no evidence to show the motive behind the murders is linked to gang activity.

Throughout the community, there are rumblings and rumors surrounding the shooting and what sparked the deadly gunfire. However, no one will come forward.

The investigation clung to the hope a main witness would be able to provide a description of the suspect. That witness is a fourth victim, injured during the shooting. The MBPD said they were waiting for him to recover in order to get more details.

During Wednesday's press conference, Detective Will Kitelinger said they were recently able to get a statement from that victim and are pursuing leads. However, they are not waiting and are pleading with the public for help in identifying the suspect.

At the end of the press conference, officers released an enhanced version of a cellphone video which captured the seconds leading up to, during, and after the gunman opened fire on the crowd.

Officers and the victim's families hope someone else in the crowd has another video with a closer angle of the suspect's face. They are begging people to give police information.

"They shot her down on the street, like she was expendable, but she was valuable to us," said Melody Geddis McFadden, her niece Sandy Patrice was killed in the shooting.

She made a heartfelt plea on behalf of Sandy's family.

"There will be no more milestones for Sandy. No graduations, weddings, ceremonies," she said. Adding the family was resolved to end the violence.

"If we stop violence we can make a difference. We can stop someone else from being murdered," she said.

There is now a $1,000 reward being offered to anyone that gives police information that leads to an arrest.

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