New Technology in the Classroom

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn.

Horry County teachers are using Google Drive and kids are ditching paper and pens.

"Their notebooks can basically be Google drive at this point," said Matt Harder, Ocean Bay Middle School Teacher.

The Google Drive app lets students and teachers share everything digitally, and makes it accessible from any computer.

iTunes U is another new app teachers use to manage course material. It holds videos, documents, web links and other features like notes and lectures.

If you opt to pay the district's $50 iPad insurance fee, your child can also access the materials at home.

"This really gives kids the opportunity to never stop learning and it really provides them with the opportunity to get stuff done," explains Harder.

Every student is given an iPad – for just Ocean Bay Middle School, that's about 1,200 tablets.

In the past, all iPad' shared an iTunes account. If an app was downloaded on one tablet – it'd be available on all of them.

This year, Horry County Schools is rolling out individual student accounts.

If a student is doing or downloading something that's not allowed, web controllers will know exactly who did it.

"It gives an alert and that is passed on to the school and that is dealt with as a discipline issue and as a violation of our iPad procedures," said Principal Connie Huddle of Ocean Bay Middle School.

Right now the Horry County School District is set with all the apps students will use in the class room. However, the district's technology specialist is always watching out for new apps to introduce.

"Technology is advancing on a daily basis and in order for our students to be competitive in the world, they have to be exposed to and learn through the means by which they are going to live and that is technology. It's not going away," said Huddle.

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