New uniforms being tested out in FSD3

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) - Some schools are testing out the effectiveness of school uniforms.

Four schools in Florence County are making students wear uniforms to see if distractions and interruptions leave the classroom.

The uniforms will be worn at four of five elementary schools in Florence School District Three.

The hope is that wearing the same outfit will lead to a more productive environment.

"They're not able to personalize their shirts, their uniform, but they can come in and personalize their bags," Stacey Green said.

When it comes to individuality and personal style, Stacey Green is the person, people in Scranton flock to.

"It helps let the kids keep up with their book bags," Stacey Green said.

Green co-owns a monogram store, and said she is glad her son Johnny will have to wear a uniform to school because a uniform will mean fewer debates in the morning.

"He's going to have to wear the same thing every day. There won't be any more arguments in the morning," Stacey Green said.

But Johnny said uniforms are not for him.

"Because I really don't like collared shirts and long sleeves. Sometimes they're itchy and when you get hot a lot and you pull them up, it hurts your arms," Johnny said.

"Everybody's on the same playing field, they're dressed the same it creates a sense of unity," Scranton Elementary Principal Allana Trosser said.

School leaders say these uniforms should stop students from missing school, and correct some behavioral problems, while also lifting social pressures.

"It does start the issue where they notice that everybody can't afford the same thing and we want all of our kids to have confidence at an early age," Trosser said.

Throughout this school year, data will be collected and compared to see if wearing uniforms made a positive change within the four test sites, Lake City Main Street Scranton and Olanta Elementary Schools.

"So we have four schools that are participating. We have a control group which is another elementary school that we are actually going to compare out data to," Principal of Lake City Early Childhood Center said.

Clothing stores inside of the Florence School District Three district lines are making sure getting a uniform is cheap and affordable.

You can pick up collared shirts and Khakis at Belk, as well as Walmart.

Ffor those families who need help with the gear, the schools are working on a plan.

"We're going to start a clothes bank and that's one of the things we have on our committee plan and we are going to look at parents donating slightly used uniforms back to the school," Howard said.

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