Myrtle Beach council declares annexation election invalid, will not pursue another attempt

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach City Council approved a motion declaring the annexation election invalid at its meeting Tuesday. Council leaders will not pursue another election.

The county elections office, which conducted the election, followed election law and placed the voting places in the precincts where voters in the area-to-be-annexed would vote if they were already city residents, Mark Kruea, city spokesman explained.

Annexation law specifically says that the voting place needs to be in the area being considered for annexation. Since that didn't occur, the election results weren't valid for purposes of the annexation.

"In the meanwhile, enough registered voters had changed in the area under consideration that [the city] could no longer certify that the petition met the requirements," Kruea said. "So we aren't planning another election."

The south area annexation effort is over, unless the residents of that area want to bring back another petition.

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