Consider This: Botched Annexation Election

Consider This

How do you hold an election, especially one that is somewhat controversial, and not make sure you follow proper procedures so that everything goes smoothly?

Consider This:

That's exactly what happened during a recent Myrtle Beach annexation vote. It became controversial because business owners didn't get to vote even though they will be paying much more in taxes. After hearing complaints from these business leaders one response was that they needed to get the state legislators to change the rules. That is certainly one option and something that the business leaders should pursue. However, another option is for city council to not include these business in the annexation area. But that probably won't work because the city needs the increased business fees to offset the cost of the improvements for the residents who are voting.

I'll tell you… If the way this election was mismanaged is an indication of what's to come for all of you who live in the proposed annexation area, you might want to reconsider joining the city if you get another chance to vote. Or… maybe it's best that the city council drop the annexation plans altogether.

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