Plans develop for the old Trust Building site

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Early construction plans for the Francis Marion University Health and Sciences building are being unveiled.

Crews with Wofford Demolition, the company charged with clearing the Trust property, said within one to two weeks demolition should be completely finished.

Right now, demo crews are removing all metal from the ground which used to hold up the basement.

On Monday, the City of Florence turned this property over to Francis Marion University who will now take steps to building a medical facility here.

"It's very exciting. It has been a long process so far," said Architect Dennis Ward.

Dennis Ward is the Francis Marion University consulting architect. Ward is helping to oversee design and construction on the soon to come medical school to be built on the site of the old Trust building.

Francis Marion University will soon build a Health and Sciences building, where medical students from FMU and the University of South Carolina will learn.

With the 97-year-old Trust building nearly cleared from the space, WMBF News found out what to expect moving forward from this point.

"We are looking for the design team," Ward said.

Ward said right now four different design teams have been picked by the university and are currently coming up with plans to present to FMU, as early as September.

FMU's consulting architect said those chosen design teams have been given a general idea of how the university would like the building to look, but nothing concrete.

"We don't know at this stage of the game how many levels it will be or exactly what the finish product will be.

This is the really exciting part of the project where the creativity begins," Ward said.

Those design to be submitted for the choosing, must fall within the $15 million budget being allotted for constructing the facility.

Funding is coming from the City of Florence, state and private sources.

The hope is to have the new medical facility up by the fall of 2016.

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