Rain causes road problems in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Public Works received a number of calls about roads that were impassable. Public Works says the areas between Aynor and Loris are most affected. It's in these two areas where the majority of dirt roads in the county are.

Dirt roads become saturated quickly, causing puddles to form. The water has no place to go, causing issues of crater-sized holes to form in the road.

Andrew Goff, of Galivants Ferry said, "The rain is making it worse. Rain would wash out in one or two spots, and your cars they have to have repaired."

This type of road condition could seem foreign to residents closer to the ocean. There have been few calls about road complaints from the Myrtle Beach area because most of the roads there are paved.

The last three rain storms in Horry Vounty affected between 150 to 200 roads, with most of them being dirt roads.

Each storm has cost the county about $40,000 in road base material, equipment and labor.

Monday, Public Works checked one dirt road off the list: Primrose Road in Galivants Ferry had crater-sized holes.

"I pull people of these ditches with my pick-up; people call for help," explained Goff.

Horry County Public Works plowed the dirt road's ditches down to a flat dirt road, but it was still just that - dirt. A temporary solution to a long lasting problem…

"What they're doing - they're just covering up, putting rocks on top of rocks, and it ain't doing any good," said Goff.

For now, there is some relief for residents who live on these dirt roads because the flood warning has been lifted.

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