Golf carts, pedestrians slow down Hillside Drive construction

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - While Ocean Boulevard may be the tourist's way around in North Myrtle Beach, Hillside Drive is where you will find the locals. The popular shortcut for golf carts and walkers gives folks a way to bypass all the traffic nearby.

Right now though, it's in no shape to be driven on.

Roger McLean is the foreman of a current construction project that will improve storm water drainage on the road, so it no longer floods in the rain. His crews have been working for weeks and so far, things have been going according to plan.

Their biggest problem lately has been something they could have never expected: golf carts.

"It's just more of a safety aspect that would help us keep other people safe," explains McLean. 

McLean says despite the numerous road closed signs, people still drive through. He says they will move the signs themselves and drive right past dangerous machinery. 

"There are a lot of blind sides to this equipment, you don't see everything," cautioned McLean.  

McLean says his crew now has to be worried about their surroundings at all times. Their biggest worry is safety, but the unwanted traffic is making it harder to do their job as well.

"When you get 3 or 4 carts that come through and you got 7 or 8 pieces of equipment running, and they all stop,"McLean explained. "You're looking at 5-10 minutes, but it adds up when lots of people come through and you're looking at them to make sure they get through safe."

He says it's also not fair to the crews, who now not only have to worry about their own safety, but the safety of pedestrians, that walk right past their signs. The crews just want to do their job and make sure the finished product is nothing but perfection in the end. 

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