Georgetown restaurant earns a perfect score from DHEC inspectors

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – On this week's Restaurant Scorecard, one Georgetown restaurant received a rare honor: a perfect score! Read on to find what else DHEC inspectors found at several area restaurants.

Riverside Bar-B-Que in Georgetown got a perfect 100 out of 100 from DHEC inspectors during a routine inspection on August 1, earning it an "A" grade.

Painters Homemade Ice Cream in North Myrtle Beach came close to a perfect score, getting 99 points out of 100 and an "A" score from inspectors. The report took off one point because there was a gap at the bottom of the back door.

Captain's Cove Cafe and Restaurant in Myrtle Beach got 89 out of 100 earning it an "A" grade from DHEC inspectors. The report notes that a personal drink was stored on the prep cooler uncovered, and there were no paper towels at the hand sink at the omelet station. Both these violations were corrected during the inspection. The report also notes that the slicer was dirty, the thermostat on the dish machine was not accurate, and a scoop without a handle was seen in the flour.

Crab Daddy's in Garden City earned a "B" score with 80 points. Inspectors noted that prep surfaces and cutting boards were not sanitized between raw and ready-to-eat foods, there was an accumulation of mold in the ice machine, and the customer self-serve dessert station had no sneeze protection. Several other violations were corrected during the inspection, including: uncovered drinks throughout the kitchen and prep areas, employees were seen not washing their hands or changing gloves, no paper towels were supplied at hand sinks, a case of raw, spoiled, foul-smelling chicken was seen in the cooler, several foods were not reheated to the correct temperature, oysters in the shell and mussels were seen soaking in hot water, and soiled towels were not properly stored in the sanitizer.

View each of the inspectors' complete reports in PDF format below:

Riverside Bar-B-Que in Georgetown

Painters Homemade Ice Cream in Myrtle Beach

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