Uptick in development hits Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - You may have noticed plenty of changes happening in Myrtle Beach in the last year. WMBF News has new details about how much building activity is happening from construction site to construction site. During the last fiscal year, there was more than $230 million worth of work underway just inside city limits.

Here are the latest numbers: From July 2013 to July of this year, Myrtle Beach staff issued more than 5,000 building permits for new construction and renovation projects. Many of the projects have been hard to miss: Hilton Grand Vacations is working on building a new 240-foot-high resort, an old abandoned Wendy's site was converted to a new CookOut franchise location, and a couple hundred more new homes are finishing up in the Market Common area.

Whether it's new homes or new stores and restaurants, across the board we are seeing a building activity increase from last year. When a building boom happens, the extra money goes straight to the city's bank account.

Myrtle Beach Spokesperson Mark Kruea says the city deposits that money into the general fund, which helps pay for operations and services. But it also benefits everyone who lives here.

"It is a good thing," Kruea said. "That means people are working. That there are jobs out there. That materials are being bought, the economy is generally perking along fairly well."

Kruea only says "fairly well" because these numbers are small compared to how things were moving ten years ago before the recession. In 2005, the city was used to seeing $480 million worth of work happening, but with the numbers increasing every year, we are still seeing some positive signs. Don't expect to see any major jump in activity until we get some large scale projects, like re-development of the Myrtle Square Mall site or the old Pavilion site.

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