Drivers welcome relief of low gas prices

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – At a small mini-mart located northwest of Conway on Highway 501, you can fill up your car with regular gas for $3.11 per gallon. To get that price, you will have to use cash, but that is the cheapest gas in the area according to

Gas prices kicked off in the month of August at their lowest levels since 2010. The average price for a regular gallon of gas nationwide is about $3.46/gallon.

The drop in prices is due in part to a return to price levels seen before worries about Russian and Iraqi supply dominated headlines earlier this year, according to

AAA Myrtle Beach told WMBF News it is not uncommon to see a dip in gas prices during August. Most families have already taken vacations and kids are heading back to school.

However, for drivers like Tommy Masters the low gas prices are a welcomed relief.

"It makes a lot of difference, because a few cents at the pump means a few dollars in your pocket," added Masters. "You can fill your tank up instead of getting half a tank, you can get three quarters of a tank and you don't have to go to the pumps as much and you can save some for dinner."

Travel experts believe the highest gas prices of the season may be over for most drivers, unless there is a hurricane or tropical storm that drives up demand.

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