City to sell top dollar ads at new sports center

Construction has begun on a new $13 million indoor sports complex in Myrtle Beach. | Source: WMBF News
Construction has begun on a new $13 million indoor sports complex in Myrtle Beach. | Source: WMBF News

Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) The City of Myrtle Beach is now working on the latest way to support multi-million dollar sports tourism efforts.

Things are turning a little more commercial. The city now sees its sports parks as potential billboards, so the next time you go see a game you could notice a new look: places plastered with advertisements.

The Sports Facility Advisory group is working for the city on these sponsorship opportunities. They'll be available at any city venue that hosts sport tourism events-- from the brand new Myrtle Beach Sports Facility, to the fields at Grand Park, to the Ned Donkle Complex. Myrtle Beach recreation centers are even included, and there will be packages for certain onetime events.

But when it comes to presentation you won't just see the typical banners up on a fence. The plan is to do more, and these ads could be all around. The city has packages where businesses can put ads on seat covers, and even set up kiosks with coupons. At the new Myrtle Beach Sports Center, things will be more high tech--there will be space for flashing electronic ads on a 14 by 14 foot video board.

The city is open to working with all kinds of businesses to make this happen, from local ones to companies that operate on a national scale.

"We're doing some nationals," explained Marketing Manager Mark Beale. "Right now we're just trying to hit the local people because that's where all the one on one face meetings have to happen now. But there has been some interest from some national sponsors."

When WMBF asked how far the city wants to go with sponsorships, Beale said the ads won't get as cluttered as a NASCAR event. Especially since there will be opportunities to advertise online as well. Since this is a new idea, getting sponsorships will be an ongoing effort, but the marketing team wants to get sponsors in place by the time the new indoor facility opens in March of 2015.

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