Horry County landfill expected to fill up within 20 years; SWA consider options

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County's landfill is filling up, and running out of room for your trash. With the number of trucks filled with trash rolling in, Horry County's landfill will be completely full in about 20 years. The Solid Waste Authority is trying to come up with how it will handle the trash in the future.

At the rate we're going, the Solid Waste Authority says we need to put a plan in place now. Soon the trash will be piled up as far as it can go and there won't be any more room at the current landfill off of Highway 90. So now it's time to look at the other options to save room there and push off that tipping point.

Twenty years may seem far away in the future, but it takes at least 10 years to go through the federal and state permitting and the process of setting up another way to dispose of waste. And with new technology, It might be time for a change. Based on the research so far, different forms of burning trash seem to be the best next step for our area: like gasification, or turning the waste into energy or fuel.

Solid Waste Authority officials want a decision made early before it turns into a problem.

"We want to make sure we're planning," explained Mike Bessant, Assistant Executive Director of the Horry County Solid Waste Authority. "Not having to do knee jerk reactions. Plan for the future. Do it slowly. Do it right. And that's what we're after to try and start now."

Every three years the Solid Waste Authority has to come up with an updated plan for the future, and we are now at that time. The first in a series of meetings to go over all these options for an advisory council was held Wednesday.

The options were discussed, however no plans were decided upon.

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