Florence stomps out crime through National Night Out

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - National Night Out is all about community networking and finding ways to get rid of crime.

But does it work?

That's the question WMBF News took to one area of Florence, and the answer may surprise you.

"This is Wilson Heights is one of the communities where they will have their march here tonight," Sergeant Jerri James said.

Sergeant Jerri James with City of Florence Police showed WMBF News one of the areas being targeted during National Night Out.

Sergeant James said Wilson Heights is a community that has been around for years.

She said in the past, crime became a problem for this area after good people started moving out.

"So some bad elements moved into the community. And when those elements came into the community they had to do something to try and correct those elements are get them to move out," Sergeant Jerri James said.

People who live in North Florence will march along Wilson Road to remind any potential criminals their presence is not wanted.

"And this helps them supports their community by stomping crime out of the community, showing support from local law enforcement and the City of Florence."

"So far we have been together for 13 years and the crime has gone down tremendously," Betty Faye Gregg said

Betty Faye Gregg says 13 years ago, the Wilson Height's Community was being overrun with crime.

"We had a lot of crime. We did, we had a lot of breaking in cars…stuff like that motor vehicle thefts," Gregg said

Gregg said the support of National Night Out and the City of Florence Police have made her community a safer.

"A lot of people don't like the police. At first I didn't like them. I'm just being honest, but it's not about liking the police. They are out here to do a job just like anybody else," Gregg said.

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