North Myrtle Beach schools get facelift to become more functional for all ages

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  Hundreds of new desks are being put together inside the cafeteria at the former North Myrtle Beach Primary school, as the facility gets a makeover.

"New flooring in the halls, new carpeting in the classrooms, we're painting the halls, we're painting the classrooms, just to spruce things up and getting it looking nice," said the coordinator of project management, Chuck Middlebrook.

In about a week, the sign that reads North Myrtle Beach Primary will come down and be replaced by a sign that says Ocean Drive Elementary.

It's all a part of the redistricting that took place in Horry County Schools. Similar changes are happening at the new Waterway Elementary and Riverside Elementary.

"We are very excited and the kids are excited, too," said Renea Fowler, the principal.

Before the Horry County School District redrawn its lines, North Myrtle Beach Primary offered Pre-K through first grade. The elementary school served second and third-graders and the Intermediate school was made up of fourth and fifth-graders.  Now, there are three elementary schools servicing pre-K through fifth-graders.

"It works really better for North Myrtle Beach for a number of reasons," said Joe Burch, the planning coordinator. "The schools that those kids attend are not close together they are spread out and it makes it very difficult for busses, parents, teachers and just in general for family travel."

Officials say all of the upgrades to the three schools should be complete by the first day of school.

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