Weekend rain has people finding indoor activities

People waited in line outside Ripley's Aquarium despite the weather. (Source: Kristin Sanchez)
People waited in line outside Ripley's Aquarium despite the weather. (Source: Kristin Sanchez)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Rainy weather is something many don't look forward to, but for some of our local business owners it's a bonus.

It's great for business for the Ripley's Aquarium. They say customer attendance is up 115 percent compared to Saturday one year ago.

People waited in line outside the aquarium despite the weather.

Dominic Cross, a tourist said, "We're only on a three day trip and we didn't even get to go to the beach. So that's kind of sad."

But the aquarium sounded like a solid idea to many vacationers. Chris Butler, Director of Marketing and Sales of Ripley's Attractions, said the company usually doubles revenue on rainy days compared to a sunny one. He also added that Saturday's are usually the slowest for the company. He explained it's usually because that's when their typical customers, tourists, are checking in and out of hotels.

However, another indoor activity, the movies, aren't printing nearly as many tickets than you might expect during rainy weather.

"I think it's going to busy, but not as busy as we've had during the day time because the rain always pushes everyone to go stay inside and watch movies, so they watch their movies and then at night they just hangout at home," explained Erika Boulawsky, Assistant Manager at Carmike Cinemas.

With people staying at home to watch movies that cuts into profit. Boulawsky said she thought business would be about 25 percent higher yesterday than a typical Saturday.

Despite all this continued rain, the folks at Ripley's expect Sunday to be just as busy as Saturday.

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