DHEC Inspectors give A grades to 5 Grand Strand restaurants this week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Inspectors with the Department of Health and Environmental Control checked out several Grand Strand area restaurants this week, and while most got high marks, one Italian restaurant barely edged out an "A" rating.

Travinia on Deville Street in Myrtle Beach received a score of 88 out of 100 from DHEC inspectors after a visit on July 29. Inspectors noted that a hand sink was not properly supplied, a spice shaker lid had debris build-up, food was not properly held in cold storage, and the ventilation hood filters were not clean.

The report also noted that fish was not removed from its packaging before thawing, there were no thermometers in the cooler on the line, and food was stored on the walk-in refrigerator floor, but all these violations were corrected during the inspection. Travinia still received an "A" score.

Inspectors visited Co Sushi in Myrtle Beach and noted several violations that were corrected during the inspection: employee drinks were stored on preparation surfaces on the cook like, frozen fish was thawing in the walk-in cooler without the packaging being cut, rice was stored on the floor, and wet wiping cloths were not stored in the sanitizer bucket, among other violations. These were all corrected, and Co Sushi got 94 points, enough for an "A" grade from DHEC.

Chestnut Hill in Myrtle Beach got a 96 percent score from DHEC. There was no covered trash can in the employee restroom, and the exhaust fan was dirty. The interior nozzles of the tea urns were also dirty, and a ladle was stored in standing water, but these violations were corrected during the inspection.

At Nosh in Pawleys Island, DHEC inspectors noted: mislabeled bottles of chemicals were stored with open food product, cooler thermometers were missing, soiled towels were not properly stored, and a fry basket was in poor repair. Many of these violations were corrected during the inspection, and DHEC gave Nosh a 92 percent, an "A" grade.

Graham's Landing in Murrells Inlet got a 90 percent score from inspectors. Employees were seen not washing their hands before donning gloves, there was an accumulation of oils and food residue on the slicer blade, chemical spray bottles were not labeled, in-use utensils were not properly stored, and plastic containers were being used for scoops with no handle. Many of these violations were corrected on the spot.

Follow the links below to see each of this week's complete DHEC Inspection Reports:

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