Consider This: Wake Up Atlantic Beach

Governor Haley asked Atlantic Beach leaders to end Bikefest. She offered her assistance to help the struggling town come up with a plan that would provide more opportunity in the years ahead. But instead of being open to a new, positive direction, Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans said no thanks, Bikefest is not going away.

Consider This:

Wake up Mayor Evans and the Atlantic Beach Town Council. You have the support of the Governor and most likely you have the support of Horry County and area cities to help you come up with another event that would be more appropriate and open up more opportunities for long term growth. Opportunities like this don't happen very often so I encourage you to reconsider your hasty decision and think about what you are passing up.

Your continued support of Bikefest means you're part of the problem of an out-of-control, dangerous and deadly event that creates a negative image for the entire Grand Strand. It shows that you have no respect for your community, the future of your city or your neighbors across the region.

Now is the time to move in a different direction and create a new plan for Atlantic Beach. Step up and be part of the solution. Bikefest needs to end.

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