Consider This: Build for the future

Consider This

The Horry County School Board made has decided to move forward with new construction that prepares the district for the future, but doesn't go overboard.

Consider This:

Horry County continues to see population growth and that growth will most likely continue for years to come. But with that growth comes challenges for area schools if that can't accommodate the influx of new students. In fact, many middle schools are already over capacity and that's forced the district to quickly address the overcrowding.

Although there were discussions of larger facilities, those designs pushed the project way over budget. There was also talk of downsizing to save money, but that would be a short term fix. It looks like the right option is a middle school that can adjust based on future growth of up to 1,200 students. It's not the least expensive, but it won't be obsolete in two years either.

Thank goodness a few years ago residents approved a tax for new school construction. Just like the decision to move forward with building these much-needed new middle schools, it was a wise choice for the future of our children and all of Horry County.

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