Myrtle Beach entertaining the idea of new amusements in the area

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - You could see more changes coming to Restaurant Row, but the changes won't include road construction or new restaurants. There's a request to bring a whole new kind of business to that area.

The proposal calls to knock down the Shrine Club building on US-17 to make room for a new amusement site. While it's only a proposal, it's packed with plans for a new amusement and entertainment spot.

The centerpiece would be an arcade building. Surrounding it, many rides, including an elevated go-kart track, bumper boats and a ferris wheel, along with areas to grab food, shop and a possible banquet hall.

It would take over the property where the Shrine Club currently sits. Since this land is also along the Intracoastal, a third and final phase of the plan is to develop that area, as well. This includes, adding docks, water activities, and another entry point to get to the park.

Right now, the focus is weighing out the pros and cons.

"We're gonna evaluate it and see how this will impact the area. We know there's a lot of traffic in that area. We're talking already about access to the site. We know that this is the kind of thing that would garner a lot of attention," said Myrtle Beach Planner Allison Hardin.

Constant traffic in-and-out, along one of our busiest highways, is a concern. Signage, lighting and noise would also have to be addressed. The city also wants to consider if an amusement park would benefit the neighboring hotels and restaurants.

While this proposal has a good foundation, six acres of land along restaurant row is a hot-spot. City planners want to look at what kind of development would have the most success. Myrtle Beach has a history of tourist-based amusement parks, some of which didn't make it to the present. This will be considered for what's to come in the future.

"It's away from where we've typically had amusements in the past, so we'll be looking at that but, we do have a history of having these type of uses in the city, not at this location," said Hardin.

The next step is a preliminary discussion with the planning commission on August 5. From there, a public hearing. If the plan receives a recommendation at that time, it will move to city council.

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