MBPD: One hospitalized after shooting near night club

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - An overnight shooting at a Myrtle Beach night club landed one person in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Myrtle Beach Police said the shooting happened near Club Heat, a club along Yaupon Drive in Myrtle Beach. According to police, a fight broke out in the overflow parking lot beside Burger King, which is located between Kings Highway and Mitchell Drive. The parking lot is across from Heat. 

Witnesses say the suspect involved in the fight then went into his vehicle, got a gun, and fired several shots towards the victim, who was also involved in the fight. The victim is described in the report as a juvenile male.

The suspect sped away in his car, but fired more shots as he went. At some point the boy was shot in his left leg. He was taken to the hospital

So far, there is no word on any arrests. Police interviewed witnesses and the victim Monday morning.

The suspect got the gun from a black two-door coupe, according to the police report. Witnesses at the scene say the shooter was in a silver vehicle, but police have not been able to confirm the shooter was driving that car.

Police cannot comment on whether the shooting involved people at the Heat or not, but we do know Heat nightlife was hosting teen hip hop night Sunday. The shooting happened shortly after that club let out.

Residents who live close to where the shooting occurred were woken up by police lights early in the morning. "We were woken up to a bunch of blue lights," said Jeffrey Smith. "Police out here, a lot of commotion, we stepped outside. We just seen, like I said, it was a bunch of police out here and we didn't know what was going on so we just stepped back in the house."

An employee said the Heat club is made up of two clubs: Heat Ultra Lounge is on the bottom floor and Heat nightlife is on the second floor. There is no signage for the individual clubs, they are both in a building called Heat.

"Honestly the nightclub is a big issue," Smith said, according to his neighbors. "They don't feel safe, We have an elderly woman who lives upstairs. Her vehicle has already been  hit with bullets, and the building itself has been hit with bullets."

Smith says neighbors would like to see the club shut down, "There is a lot of fights. Shootings. It's not safe over there. There's a lot of tourists, kids coming through there. Innocent bystanders. Something needs to be done. I have four children myself, and I would not want my children to be out front here playing and a bullet comes by."

Police say they are seeking a black male around 19-years-old who was wearing camouflage shorts, no shirt and a Miami Heat hat last night.

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