Volleyball tournaments to spike business and tourism in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A volleyball league is set to hit the volleyball courts near the old Pavilion site for the first time in Myrtle Beach.

City leaders hope volleyball tournaments will bring more people and more business to downtown Myrtle Beach.

The league, named Bump Up the Boardwalk Volleyball League, will start on August 2 with games being played every Saturday for six weeks.

Then, after the six-week season, a champion will be crowned following a tournament.

The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation will finance the league, but Executive Assistant Lauren Clever says the adult volleyball league isn't about generating revenue.

"We're always about bringing people downtown. That's one of our goals we would love to have more events, activities, anything that we can do to bring our locals out and tourists out," Clever explained.

Local businesses are sponsoring the teams consisting of four players, plus substitutes.

The DRC says it's a no brainer to host a volleyball event in Myrtle Beach.

Clever also says there seems to be real interest in volleyball on the Grand Strand, which could help make this volleyball league year round.

"We're gonna move on. We hope to make this a fall event, winter event, you know we are hoping that halfway through this summer event that we can create a fall league, get more restaurants involved. Whoever wants to be a sponsor involved, get them involved and see where it goes from there," Clever said

Downtown businesses say they're glad the DRC is hosting the summer volleyball league. Owners say they're fond of sporting events, Octoberfest festivals, and other events, so there's a boost in business every weekend of the year.

To learn more about the league and how to register, click here.

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