Consider This: Your Feedback

Consider This: It's that time when we share your feedback on our perspective.

The Memorial Day weekend editorials sparked the most activity so we'll concentrate on your comments regarding that topic…

User "Soup" shared this feedback: "Be ready for worse next year. Murder Beach is real and our 'leaders' couldn't care less."

Marianne had another opinion: "I don't need to know all the details; I just need to know that they are putting forth the most effort in order to keep peace and harmony over the Memorial Day weekend."

Here's what Joe had to say: "This problem starts at the top and we have to suffer from their lack of common sense."

And finally, this perspective from Darlene: "The old city Dad's want to brush the news away like a pesky fly. However, they need to remember when they put out only garbage it will always draw flies. Moral: Clean up their act. This event is and was and will be a failure as long as it's business as usual and petty emails are used as smoke screens rather than hold a public hearing and/or news update for public information."

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