City of Myrtle Beach says annexation vote was invalid

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A week after voters in two Horry County neighborhoods voted in favor of annexation by Myrtle Beach, the election was declared invalid during the Myrtle Beach City Council Workshop.

On Tuesday, July 15, more than 50 voters in the Waterside and Bridgeport neighborhoods voted in favor of the Myrtle Beach annexation. The vote was 56 to 24 in favor, said Lisa Bourcier, spokeswoman for Horry County confirmed Tuesday night.

During a city council workshop on Tuesday, July 22, it was brought to light that this vote was not valid because of where the ballot boxes were located. They were at the precincts where voters would go if they were part of the city, but for an annexation, the polling must be done within the boundaries of the land being annexed.

During the election last Tuesday, the boxes were at Canal Street and Mission Baptist Church.

The City Council will now have to decide where the ballot boxes will be for the repeat election. The city will also have to pay for poll workers, and for advertising for when the next votes will be taken.

More than 600 acres that include two subdivisions and more than a dozen businesses would have been annexed to the city, if the first election was not invalid.

Voters in favor of annexation say it would mean better streets as well as police and fire protection. Business owners said an increase in fees would be detrimental to businesses.

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