String of break-ins hit Galivants Ferry

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Police have three reports on file, but neighbors and victims say there have been several between Thursday and Friday. Starting with the first home hit almost a month ago.

"It just seems like they went in our house, knowing what they were looking for," explained the most recent victim, Kimberly Mottola.

The three reports from HCPD all describe a great deal of vandalism.

One victim says two 5-gallon water jugs filled with anything from pennies to $50 bills were taken. She estimates it's almost $2,000.

Every home that has been hit is just a few miles away from each other. Victims say they came home to find their homes completely trashed.

"The stuff was busted on the kitchen floor and the fridge was open. Then I walked and looked in the bedroom and it was tore all to pieces," says one of the first victims, Tim Johnson.

Johnson's home was broken into a month ago.

Pictures from Johnson's home show the kitchen cabinet was shattered and the TV was smashed.

Johnson found the TV outside and thinks they may have dropped it while trying to steal it.

He says the bedroom was turned upside down and one thing that surprised him most was they found his guns but did not take them.

However, the most recent break in at Kimberly Mottola's house, her guns were taken.

The burglars stole a shotgun and a hand gun.

"All the drawers were pulled out. There was stuff thrown all on the bed. One of the guns was in a safety fire proof box and they jimmied that open," Mottola recalled.

Her door frame is now bent by the locks, she thinks the crooks did it with some sort of screwdriver or crow bar.

Another home on Deer Track Lane was hit Friday. The people who live here say someone took their prescription pain killers.

HCPD was at another home on Deer Track Lane on Friday, but they would not confirm a connection.

Many of the victims feel there may be a trend here.

"They probably ride around and check people out ... Know what they drive ... Know when their going to work," says Johnson.

Mottola works unusual hours, so she feels they could have been watching her home, too.

"I work strange hours but am here a lot during the day, the days that I'm off its just odd I was gone. I'm wondering how they knew we were gone."

All together, the items being stolen are prescription pills, money, jewelry and guns. The victims say all of their homes were hit anywhere from 2 to 4 o'clock.

Some find the act of breaking in to be the most uncomfortable.

"To enter a man's house, [burglars] do steal something - the comfort and peace of coming home and resting," explains Johnson.

Victims say some of the roads that have been hit are Pee Dee Road, Jordan Road, Deer Track Lane, Wayside Drive and Pisgah Church Road.

If you know any information at all you are urged to call the Horry County Police Department.

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