Solicitor's office seeks to close six strip clubs in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -The Horry County Solicitor's Office is looking to close down five strip clubs with another one on the way.

The five strip clubs set to face a judge on nuisance complaints handed down from the solicitors office are: The Bunny Ranch, The Gold Club, Teezers, Tiffany's Cabaret, and Bottoms Up.

The additional strip club will be issued a summons in the coming days.

According to undercover agents working with the Solicitor's Office, there was prostitution and even unpaid sexual favors being offered at the clubs.

"I guess at some point when the police have had enough of it. Then they ask us to come in with a nuisance action," Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson explained

The five business owners can plead their case to a judge then either close temporality or the judge could later determine to have them close for a year.

Richardson said if that happens they mostly won't return, "in the past when you've closed the place down for a year it doesn't return. You have to go somewhere else to make business. We've been very successful in doing that."

Sue Robinson owns her business North Myrtle Beach Sewing Center, and its right next Bottoms Up. She said she's never had any problem with her neighbor.  "I think they ought to leave them alone and let them do their jobs. They are working people like anyone else. If I had an legitimate complaint I would say it, but I don't have one."

All of these businesses were given a warning. The solicitors office sent out a letter to each giving the businesses 10 days to make the necessary changes, according to Richardson none of them complied.

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