Consider This: Myrtle Beach City Responds

Consider This: Myrtle Beach City Responds

I have been critical of the way Myrtle Beach city leaders have handled the response to the Memorial Day weekend mayhem and murders.

And, they don't like my opinion that they should be held accountable and keep the community informed.

I got email responses from both Mark Kruea, the public information officer for the city, and Tom Leath, the city manager about my most recent commentary. That included a suggestion to bring in an expert to help plan and control the situation.

Tom Leath's response was: "He is not paying attention. We have publicly given the broad overview of the plan. Hiring an "expert" to come in would be like hiring Ted and then hiring an "expert" to come in and open the TV station."

You can read both of their statements here: 

Consider This:

I guess it is official that the city is not planning to bring in assistance to help address this situation. That's unfortunate, because unlike managing the day-to-day operations of a TV station or a city, this challenge is unique. The community would benefit from the expertise of specialists who could help develop a plan of action.

The city could also benefit from some PR advice because so far it has been a public relations disaster. The only response we are getting about the deadly and violent Memorial Day weekend from city leaders is arrogant and dismissive emails to our questions on what happens next.

And contrary to what Mr. Leath believes, I am paying attention as is the rest of the business community. And based on the feedback we have received, I believe the majority of the residents of Myrtle Beach are also paying attention. Hopefully the city will be more forthcoming with plans in the next few weeks. All of the people who operate businesses in the city and all of you who call Myrtle Beach home deserve better.

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