Myrtle Beach city officials issue more tickets, report less traffic accidents

Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) – Millions of new visitors come through the Grand Strand every summer, meaning a lot of lost and confused drivers are all over the roads.

"The audience turns over basically every week over the summertime," said Mark Kruea, city spokesperson. "It's a challenge to keep the information in front of them."

The constant turnover makes keeping the roads safe a challenge for law enforcement, but so far this year, they have stepped up to the plate.

Last year, the city reported 23 total traffic-related fatalities. That includes pedestrian deaths, bicycle deaths, and any other road related incident.

So far this year, that number is one.

"So far we've seen a much safer year than last year and that's a good thing," Kruea explains. "Hopefully that's due to increased law enforcement and certainly increased behavior."

WMBF News requested traffic ticket numbers under the Freedom of Information Act and found police seem to be much more active than last year.

In similar time frames, Myrtle Beach officers issued 1,089 more tickets this year compared to last. That number doesn't directly relate to fatalities but it could suggest more police activity.

"We would rather never have to write a ticket for whatever it is," said Kruea.

He says the goal of issuing tickets is compliance and safety. The revenue generated by traffic tickets is so small that issuing more wouldn't benefit the city financially.

The best thing those tickets can help with is piece of mind.

"I guess the measure of security is 'do you feel comfortable walking on the streets?'" asks Kruea. "I believe the answer is yes."

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