Crowds head inside as Arthur passes near Grand Strand

Many families decided to see Myrtle Beach's indoor sights Thursday, like the Ripley's Aquarium. (Source: WMBF News)
Many families decided to see Myrtle Beach's indoor sights Thursday, like the Ripley's Aquarium. (Source: WMBF News)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – By Thursday night, crowds were already heading back outside after Hurricane Arthur passed off the Grand Strand coast. Many families planned a day of indoor activities to avoid the storm.

It was a night and day difference on Ocean Boulevard – families and crowds were out in full force Thursday evening, with many saying they were outside because they had been cooped up inside all day.

"Well, we knew one day this week we wanted to go to the aquarium, and when we watched the weather say that Thursday was going to be bad day, so that's when we decided to come here," visitor Joe Lawler said.

The sights and sounds of the boulevard were much different Thursday evening, compared to earlier in the afternoon when Hurricane Arthur barreled past the coast. Some families braved the beach, while Anna Kate Morris and her family decided to wait out the storm indoors and play games.

"We wanted to come to Myrtle Beach during the afternoon, but since it was raining and not looking good, we decided to come at night," she said.

By Thursday night, they were back out.

"We're trying to find something new," Morris said. "Last year we did the SkyWheel and arcade, so we're here to see what else to do."

With shops and rides opening right back up after the storm passed, there was plenty to do. While the boulevard got back to normal, others decided to take themselves out to the ball game.

"As long as there's no thunder or lightning, it's fine by me," said Hanna Gordijenko, who caught Thursday night's Pelicans game with her family. "We come every year, it's our tradition - always watch the fireworks."

Other fans come out every week.

"I know I'd be here," said Pelicans fan Frank Steele. Wind, rain, a hurricane – nothing was keeping Frank and his buddies from the ballpark.

"I'm a baseball fan, and the weather in Myrtle Beach doesn't stop us," he said. But even they were surprised to see the stands so full. "People enjoy the sports with their kids and everything…tomorrow you won't even know there was a hurricane."

While everyone was out and about, they still had the thought in the back of their minds that Thursday could have looked a lot different if we dealt with a much stronger storm here on our shores.

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