FULL TEXT: Letters from Latta Town Council, Davis' attorney

A Latta Town Council member provided copies of two letters - one sent by the attorney for Freddie Davis, who was hired by Mayor Bullard to serve as police chief, and one from the Latta Town Council, informing Davis that his contract as chief is terminated. Read transcriptions of both letters in full below:

Barth, Bellenger & Lewis, LLP

Attorneys At Law

June 30, 2014

Dear Mayor Brigman:

Please be advised that I have been retained to represent Mr. Freddie Davis with regard to the Employment Contract he entered into with the Town of Latta. I would ask that you please note my representation in your file and direct future correspondence to me. I would also ask you to provide a copy of this letter to the appropriate Town Council members, in the event I need to communicate with them on this matter.

I would ask that someone please contact me as soon as possible. My client received a voice mail from one of the Council members indicting that the Employment Agreement was terminated and that he would not be working for the Town of Latta. Today, apparently, the media outlets are reporting that my client is supposed to report to work.

Please be advised that my client is ready, willing and able to comply with his duties and responsibilities under the Employment Agreement, and can do so immediately. However, he is getting completely conflicting information. Please have someone contact me immediately to let me know whether mr. Davis is to report for work in Latta or not.


Mr. Freddie Davis,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. It has been brought to the council's attention that you have been selected by the mayor to fill the position of Chief of Police. It has also been brought to our attention that your contact with the Town of Latta begins July 1, 2014. As you may have been told, Latta has undergone several changes in the past week. One is the change of our form of government to the council form of government.  Given this change we, as council, decided to uphold the will of the citizens of Latta and allow someone else to fill this position.

We feel that given the contact does not carry proper documentation in the form of a town seal, the document is invalid to begin with. We also find that the contact's promise to allow you to hire and fire officers with consultation from the mayor directly violates state law S.C. Code 5-11-30, 5-7-160, and S.C. Code 5-11-40(b). We also feel that given the publicity of this problem, accepting this job came with reasonable expectation of termination. As a town, we look forward to moving on with our future and wish nothing but the best for you and your family. You [sic] services for the contact that begins on July 3, 2014 will no longer be needed. Thank you for the interest in our town.


Latta Town Council

Brian Mason, Mayor Pro-Tem

Trudy Drawhorn

James Reaves

Abbott Shelley

Lutherine Williams

Jarett Taylor

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