Garden City golf cart parade organizer: Parade too big for its britches

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) – Every July 4th, Calhoun Drive in Garden City is full of festive golf carts, excited onlookers, and a plethora of water balloons. This year, Calhoun Drive may look a little different.

"We've gotten a little too big for our britches," said Karen Davis, the organizer for the event.

Davis has organized the parade since 1990 and made the decision to cancel it this year. She says it started as a small fundraiser for the fire department, and now it is simply too big.

"Last year we had 286 carts on parade, which is way more than we can handle in a two block area," Davis said.

Davis says she will spend the winter forming a committee with law enforcement and locals to make sure the parade happens next year.

"They know it's a big event in this south part of the county, and they've been very good about helping us," Davis said.

One woman who opposes the decision says she is shocked but still believes the event can happen. A group of locals plan to drive their carts down the road in celebration anyways.

Davis is sad the event is not happening this year, but she says she just wants to make sure it's safe for the community.

"It's a great event and I hate to see it go on hiatus," explained Davis. "On the same token, I'd hate for someone to get hurt and things get out of hand."

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