Horry County coroner says toddler drowns in 4 feet of water

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Investigators are releasing new details into the drowning death of a 3-year-old.

The Horry County Major Crimes Task force is currently investigating the drowning that happened in a family members' swimming pool this past weekend.

It is standard procedure for Horry County Police to investigate a drowning like this. Lieutenant Robert Kegler said any time a child dies in the county, similar steps would be taken. Until the investigation is complete, it is unknown if anyone could be charged with the child's death.

Saturday afternoon at a home located off Highway 348 in Loris, Carter Myles Mincey, 3, was found unconscious in a swimming pool.

According to investigators, Carter was swimming with floaties, when at some point he got out of the water took them off and went back into the pool.

Horry County Coroner Robert Edge said family members at the birthday party told him the boy was swimming alone at the time. Edge adds the boy drowned in an above ground swimming pool with about four feet of water in it. He said the toddler was only about three feet tall.

No autopsy will be performed, according to Edge.

WMBF News wants all parents to be better informed on water safety in hopes of preventing future drownings.

The director of the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center, Judy Childers spoke to WMBF News on how everyone can remain safe when near a pool.

Childers pointed out that pool depth can be an issue in a drowning, but then again it doesn't have to be,

"all it takes is an inch of water for someone to drown. They can drown in a bath tub, in a bucket of water, it just takes a little bit. Your nostrils are not that big, just because a child can stand up, they could lose their footing they hit their hear unconscious ... You just need to be aware of what's in the water and who is around. Never leave your children unattended; someone should be watching them at all times."

In reality, there are times a parent's eyes will be taken off the water, while their child is swimming and in this case, Childers advises people to stay in ear shot and remain close by.

Childers said drownings for children, ages 1-4, are most likely occur at home.

  • Keep the pool deck clear of any toys which might entice children.
  • Set up a barrier, like a gate, around your pool. 
  • Never trust a child knows how to swim, instead have them show you for yourself.  

Lastly, she wants parents to know floaties and other inflatables shouldn't be treated as a life-saving device, "Floaties are not coast guard approved. They can slip off one arm and they'll be crooked ... It's a false sense of buoyancy for kids," she said.

Swim lessons are available for almost all ages at the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center.

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