Council members reinstate Crystal Moore as Latta Police Chief

LATTA, SC (WMBF) former Latta Police Chief, Crystal Moore is back on the force after town council members gave her the job back.

Moore is scheduled to start work again Monday after Friday's special called meeting.

Latta Mayor Earl Bullard did not attend, but just 12 hours after getting the power, the town's six council members all voted in favor of reinstating Moore.

"I've been looking forward to this day since the day I was fired," Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore said.

Crystal Moore said she is elated to be back on the force after she was fired earlier this year.

Mayor Earl Bullard said he fired Moore back in April for failing to sign off on seven reprimands.

Moore said she was fired because of her sexuality.

These council members never supported the mayor's decision to fire Moore, but couldn't do anything about it because the town had a strong mayor form of government.

This past Tuesday, the people of Latta voted to overturn that form of government and after the votes were certified this morning, the town now has a council strong form of government, which gave council the power to reinstate Moore.

Moore said her firing and the recent chain of events will not affect how she moves forward in her role as chief, even though she feels the mayor still has a problem with her sexuality.

"I was working I was doing my job it didn't hinder me then and it's not going to hinder me now," Moore said.

But before Moore could reclaim her position as chief, Freddie Davis had to be terminated from the chief position.

Latta Mayor Earl Bullard hired Davis just days ago; to fill the position he fired Moore from.

Tonight council members voted to send a letter of termination to Davis stating his recent employment was illegal.

"The stipulations and rules that they had put into the contract had not been followed. It's minor but it says the thing needs be stamped with the town seal there is no town seal on the original thing" Councilman Jarett Taylor said.

The meeting tonight was held in the community center because Latta's town hall is still sealed with evidence tape– council members say they want an investigation by the State's Law Enforcement Division because they believe some type of suspicious activity happened this week.

There is no word how long town hall will be sealed, or what type of suspicious activity council members believe took place.

In order for SLED to investigate, council would have to send a letter requesting that investigation. Then SLED would decide whether or not to move forward.

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