Restaurant Scorecard: Dead bugs, mice droppings and mold, oh my!

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A hot dog restaurant at Broadway at the Beach got one of the lowest scores from DHEC inspectors seen so far on Restaurant Scorecard. Inspectors also found mice droppings at a Galivants Ferry gas station. We found out how several other area food establishments fared during their routine inspections.

Coney Island Hot Dogs on Celebrity Circle in Myrtle Beach received just 60 points out of 100, earning it a "C" grade from the Department of Health and Environmental Control. Among the litany of violations noted by the inspector were: chemicals were stored with food, chemicals were not labeled, foods were stored uncovered on the floor, kitchenware and food contact surfaces of equipment were dirty, the hand sink was dirty with no soap or paper towels, floors everywhere were dirty and in poor repair, walls and ceilings were dirty, lighting covers were dirty and contained some dead bugs, and a hose was attached to a faucet without back-siphonage protection. Several other critical violations were noted; click the link below to view the full report.

Sunhouse Petroleum at 135 W. Highway 501 in Galivants Ferry scored 75 out of 100, earning it a C rating from DHEC. The inspector found mice droppings in cabinets under a hand sink, according to the report. The microwave, a Coke cooler, the walls in the prep areas, the ventilation hood and the floor along the edges of the wall were not clean. A containers of BBQ in a cooler was also seen with mold in it.

Sharkey's in Myrtle Beach got 78 points during its routine inspection this week, earning it a B rating from DHEC. The inspector noted that chemicals were not labeled, food products were stored on the floor, the inside surface of the ice machine had mold and mildew, the cutting boards were in poor repair, the hand sink was not equipped with soap and paper towels, the inside of the dish machine was not clean, and many surfaces were not clean.

Wango Tango in North Myrtle Beach scored an 83 out of 100 on its inspection this week. The inspector noted that the microwave, hand sink and three-compartment sink were not clean. Freezers and refrigeration had debris build-up. Pork and chicken was being held in the walk-in cooler at 58 to 60 degree Fahrenheit, but this violation was corrected.

Pete N Polly's at Sea Mist in Myrtle Beach and Parrot Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach each scored 98 points, and the Farm House Restaurant on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach scored a 99 out of 100. All three earned "A" ratings from DHEC.

See the full DHEC inspector reports in PDF format below:

Coney Island Hot Dogs:

Sunhouse Petroleum #19:


Wango Tango:

Peta N Polley's at Sea Mist:

Parrot Bar and Grill:

Farm House Restaurant:

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