Downtown leaders look to develop mini parking garages

Efforts continue to revitalize downtown Myrtle Beach. | Source: WMBF News
Efforts continue to revitalize downtown Myrtle Beach. | Source: WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) –Plans are in the works to bring new mini parking garages to downtown Myrtle Beach in the coming years.  Members of the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation said the new garages would be part of the overall effort to revitalize the area, south of the former Pavilion site.

The idea of the mini garages is part of the master plan for the Pavilion, laid out in 1999.  Now, members of the DRC believe it is time to see how to make those garages into a reality.

DRC Executive Director Dave Sebok said the DRC is working with potential investors, developers, and management companies to see what types of public private partnerships are available to create garage construction.

One option the DRC is looking at would bring more than just a garage to the downtown area.  Sebok said the idea would be to have a hotel on top of a garage that combines public and private parking above a first floor that includes storefront businesses.

Sebok said when established businesses see new garages being built, that may encourage them to revamp their own buildings; therefore, cleaning up blight on the southern part of the downtown area.

While construction of these garages will cost millions of dollars and take years to bring to fruition, Sebok said it is important that the DRC take steps now to prepare for an area that may need more parking in the future, due to growth in areas outside of the city limits.

"Those people that are building homes like crazy in Carolina Forest, Conway, the air base, or wherever it may be they don't live on the beach, but they want to go to the beach," added Sebok. "So there's an ever increasing demand for public accesses to our beaches."

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