Fired Latta Police Chief appears on MSNBC

LATTA, SC (WMBF) – Former Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore was in the national spotlight Wednesday night, talking on MSNBC about being fired by the mayor,  and the community's reaction since.

Moore appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to talk about how she felt after the citizens voted to give more power to the town council, and less to the mayor that fired her. She says Mayor Earl Bullard fired her after 20 years on the force because she is openly gay.

Moore's termination was not supported by town council members, but because the mayor holds more power than the council nothing could be done to reverse his decision.

On Tuesday, citizens voted by referendum to change the town's style of government from "strong mayor" to "strong council." Before the results could be certified and the new policy could take effect, Mayor Bullard hired a new police chief, Freddie Davis.

"We thought it was the end of the story last night with the turnout, because he said he would do what the citizens wanted," Moore said on MSNBC Wednesday night about Mayor Bullard. "He's told the newspapers, he's told us in council meetings, that he would do what the citizens wanted. And once again today he's done the opposite - opposite of what the citizens want, and opposite of what the policy says."

Mayor Bullard said Davis signed a two-year contract with a $40,000 salary, even though the city hasn't yet passed a budget. The contract includes a clause specifically stating that even if the town's form of government changes and another person is selected as Chief of Police, Davis will remain employed for the full term of the contact, at the contracted salary.

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