MBPD responds to attempted robbery on 5th Ave N

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach police were called for reported suspicious circumstances Thursday around 12:30 a.m. Police found two victims and a witness who said shots were fired after an attempted armed robbery.

Police met with the first victim initially, and a witness he was walking with. They said they were walking on 5th Avenue North between Chester Street and Flagg Street. They saw an older, gray Ford Explorer driving, then the door to the vehicle opened and they saw the second victim fall out.

The two walking said they heard what sounded like a shotgun shot, and one was hit in the leg by an object and started to bleed. They saw the man who fell out of the car run towards Budget Inn, and the Explorer took off speeding toward Kings Highway.

Police observed a small abrasion to the inside of the lower leg of the victim was walking. Police were directed to where the victim who fell out of the car was, and found him in a hallway sitting in a chair.

He said he was walking to the store when three suspects in an SUV offered him a ride. He got in the back of the vehicle, and after the vehicle was driving, he heard a "clunk". The victim said he turned to find a shotgun pointed in his face by the suspect sitting in the very back.

The victim was told to hand his money over, and he grabbed the barrel to the shotgun and opened the door with his free hand. He rolled out of the moving vehicle, and the shotgun  discharged. He said he fell, and ran toward Budget Inn before the vehicle took off.

The Myrtle Beach Police department is investigating and searching for three suspects. Police spoke with Budget Inn management, and obtained video surveillance.

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