Report: SC ranks second-last for road safety study ranks the Palmetto State, 49, for road safety. | Source: WMBF News study ranks the Palmetto State, 49, for road safety. | Source: WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - We live in one of the worst states for road safety. When it comes to the best and worst states for a summer road trip, a website, ranks South Carolina, 36th. One reason we ranked so low on that list is traffic and road safety.

As summer temperatures heat up, so does traffic on our roads. AAA Carolinas predicts air travel will go down this summer, due to the price of flights, which means roads will be packed. In fact, you'll be among 5 million drivers.

The study ranks the Palmetto State, 49, for road safety. The amount of cars, our driving laws and fatalities all contributed to that ranking. The quality of our bridges and roads is also what puts us so high on the list.

On the flip side, when it comes to the cost of driving, South Carolina ranks number 12. This has a lot to do with our low gas prices, which do come at a cost.

"One of the reasons our gas stays lower is because of our gas tax and where that affects us is in the conditions of the roads. With that tax being lower our roads aren't re-surfaced as often as maybe some other states," says Tracie Lawrence with AAA Carolinas.

This study isn't all bad news for our state. We're ranked in the top 15 in two areas.

The first, fun and scenic attractions like Broadway at the Beach and the new Hollywood Wax Museum. The second, the cost of driving and accommodations. This includes the amount of affordable hotels, campgrounds and places to stay.

The website says drivers are going to face two roadblocks this summer, cost and safety.

Luckily, we have the cheapest gas prices in the U.S., but right now, gas is 10-20 cents higher than last year and AAA expects these numbers to grow.

The 4th of July means more drivers and a greater demand for gas. After the holiday, price trends will work alongside the tension in Iraq.

To keep from spending, we have to keep up with our cars. Auto techs say before you hit the roads, you should check your fluid levels and your tire pressure.

"Your tire gets low, that's more tread on the highway because it folds out, rides more rubber on the road, that causes more friction which also causes lower fuel mileage," says Bill Novak with Black's Tire Service.

That wastes as much as 12-15 cents per gallon!

When deciding how to get to your destination, hit the highways. Roads with traffic lights and stop-and-go traffic, burn through gas and wear your tires. Also, lighten the load, especially on the roof of your car. The more weight your car carries, the more you'll pay for gas.

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