Interest sparks to make boat landing cameras public

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There are currently no laws or ordinances that tell people what they can or can't do at boat landings. That lack of enforcement is concerning Horry County DNR officers, because what people are doing is causing safety issues.

The Department of Natural Resources gets constant calls and officers are having to deal with all kinds of issues: From people swimming too close to ramps, using the docks to lay out, to even jumping off of bridges into the water.  Boaters are complaining that they can't even launch their boats in the water. This mix of swimmers and boats can be dangerous, and with so many landings across Horry county, it's a tough issue for officers to handle.

Now that we're at the busiest time of the year for boats, Sergeant Nate Hutson says it's to the point where the county needs to step in.

"The issue is not the swimming," explained Hutson. "The issue is on the landing where the boats are trying to come in. We're not trying to stop these folks from swimming at the landings. What we want them to do is go away from the actual landing area where the boats are trying to launch from."

One of the suggestions is to have a safety buffer safety zone around boat ramps. County leaders are currently taking a look into what can be done to separate the swimmers and the boaters and keep things safe, and soon there may be an ordinance with specific rules for boat landings.

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