Petition requires car manufacturers to install sensors, aims to save lives

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Kristie Cavaliero's 12-month-old daughter, Ray Ray, died from being left in a hot car in 2011 in Austin, Texas. The couple woke up late that morning and was rushing to work, stressed. Ray Ray's dad made one wrong turn. Instead of driving to daycare he drove toward his job. When he remembered it was too late.

It's a story dozens of parents sadly live with. On average, 38 children die in the U.S. from being left in hot cars, according to

Locally, two parents in Hartsville faced the same reality this spring, when their baby, Sophia, died from accidentally being left in a hot car. Sophia's parents have created decals to remind parents.

The staff at is taking the issue all the way to the White House. The group wants lawmakers to require car manufactures to put sensors in back seats of cars that would alert parents that the child is still there.

Similar to the sensor that goes off when you don't put on your seatbelt, the sensors could do a number of things. The sensors could turn on the car and activate the AC, honk the horn to alert people passing by, or send you a text, among other things.

One hundred thousand signatures are needed by July 23, in order to get the White House to respond.

Cavaliero is one of the activists pushing to get folks to sign the petition. At last check, there were just under 100 signatures.

Ray Ray may be gone, but Cavaliero says she now has a mission to help save your child.

"If you are put under the right conditions of stress, lack of sleep, a change in routine, in our case it was oversleeping and running late that day; but under the right set of conditions especially with children sleep, inaudible and out of sight, yes you too can potentially forget your most precious cargo," she said.

You can sign the 'Stop Child Deaths in Hot Cars' petition by clicking on the link, here.

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