Suspects still on the loose one month after Memorial Day weekend violence

MYRTLE BREACH, SC (WMBF) - Efforts to find a safety solution are still moving forward since the violent Memorial Day holiday weekend in the Grand Strand. One month has passed since the several shootings along Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, and the killers responsible for the deadliest of those shootings are still on the loose.

According to Captain Knipes with the Myrtle Beach Police Department, there have been no breaks in the case when it comes to the shooting that happened at the Bermuda Sands Hotel. The surveillance video hasn't been very helpful to police, and they are still looking for help from the public to identify suspects.

Even though those involved haven't been caught, things seem to be smoothing over for businesses. The operations director of the Bermuda Sands says early on after the shootings, he dealt with 20 reservation cancellations because of the violence in Myrtle Beach. But in the last few weeks, he insists the worried calls from vacationers have ended.

Those who travel to the Grand Strand and hotel managers have noticed some changes on Ocean Boulevard since all the violence.

"I've seen plenty of law enforcement, and plenty of security at each one of the hotels," said Cedric Green, visiting from West Virginia. "So I feel very safe and the family feels safe as well."

"We've seen an increase in police presence down on the boulevard," said Ray Booth, the Operations Manager for the Bermuda Sands Hotel. "And I think they're actively trying to curtail the problems we've had, because it wasn't just the one weekend problem. It was a problem we see every weekend down here."

Many still agree these are just the first steps, and more needs to be done so this incident won't happen again. The priority seems to be money. The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce was able to get their hands on $1.2 million for a stronger police presence in Myrtle Beach and Horry County next year. There are also public safety grants in the state budget that are up for grabs, but it will be up to each local government to put in an application.

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