Florence Co. Sheriff's Office deploying data-driven patrol model

Sheriff Kenney Boone explains the new data-driven model at a news conference Monday. (Source: Ken Baker)
Sheriff Kenney Boone explains the new data-driven model at a news conference Monday. (Source: Ken Baker)

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Florence County Sheriff's Office is implementing a crime suppression and criminal patrol model that locates crime and traffic data to establish effective and efficient methods for deploying law enforcement resources, known as "Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety."

DDACTS is an open and transparent process which involves not just law enforcement, but the neighborhood watch organizations, homeowner's associations, businesses in the area and media. The goal of DDACTS is to reduce crime and vehicle crashes in targeted areas and reduce overall social harm.

Most criminals use cars to transport criminals to and from a crime scene. It is not uncommon for those vehicles to be involved in traffic violations or crashes during the process.

Using geo-mapping to identify areas through temporal analysis which have a high incidence of crime and vehicle crashes, DDACTS tracks targeted high visibility traffic enforcement strategies which are proven to reduce both crime and vehicle crashes in particular areas, known as "hot spots."

This objective process of determining a "hot spot" allows for the monitoring and analysis of ongoing data, as well as flexible deployment strategies. As the data shows crime and crashes to move over time, DDACTS allows for the areas chosen for high visibility enforcement to move as well.

Three "hot spots" have been selected for high visibility enforcement in the upper portion of Florence County and one in the Lake City area. In these areas, traffic laws will be strictly enforced.

"We are excited about what DDACTS can do to reduce social hard in out communities," Sheriff Kenney Boone stated. "In an era of increasing demands and limited resources, a model like DDACTS allows law enforcement the ability to do more without increasing costs. The success of DDACTS depends on the cooperation and involvement of the stakeholders in the community. We welcome the support of the various partnership groups and media as we implement this exciting new program."

DDACTS has proven to be a successful model of enforcement in other parts of the country. FCSO is the first sheriff's office in the state to implement the program.

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